Little Friends of Living Faith  

 Christian Preschool

Little Friends of Living Faith is very unique and one of the only 4 hour preschool programs in the Des Moines area. All of our classes are from 9:00 am until 1:00 p.m.  Our dedicated teachers use Christian curriculum along with the Handwriting Without Tears materials to develop lesson plans for each specific classroom.


 Classrooms are arranged in learning centers.  During the day students have opportunities in art, music, Bible stories, literacy and beginning math activities, along with free play times both inside and recess outside.  Children attend chapel each week and enjoy hearing Bible stories and singing songs together. They also get to eat lunch at school while working on social and self help skills.



Our Teachers and Assistants are all committed to the education of young children and the ministry to families. All staff continue their professional development in Early Childhood Education along with  maintaining current CPR and First Aid training.



 Little Friends of Living Faith has received a 5 star rating from the Iowa Quality Rating System.  This is a very intensive process to reach this level of quality recognition and we are excited that we have reached this goal.


We are thrileld that many of our parents are actively involved as volunteers at our preschool. We have several family functions during the year. We feel it is very important to have a strong connection between families and preschool. Each classroom has a Classroom Parent that helps to coordinate classroom and schoolwide functions. Parents are welcome to help in the class with projects as well as school wide family events. A couple of the favorites are the Sharing Day Feast and the Happy Birthday Jesus party.


You can view our school calendar to see some of the fun activities we have planned.


Registration Process 

Little Friends has completed registration for the 2014-15 school year.  At this point we have 2 slots available in our Older 2's and Young 3's class. (see birthday requirements below) All other classes are full. You may call at anytime to discuss registration or to be added to the waiting list. If you have any questions, you may contact the Preschool Director, Sandy Nelson at 515-556-5576, or by email at     

 There is no cost to be on our waiting list.

Once your child is offered a slot in a class, then a non-refundable supply fee of $75.00 is due.


2014-15 Classes and rates

2 day classes- $165.00 per month 
2 year olds - Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday
Older 2's and Young 3's class- Monday and Wednesdays (Birthdays must be between June 15 and December 15)
3 year olds- Monday and Wednesday or  Tuesday and Thursday
Older 3's and Young 4's class- Monday and Wednesday (Birthdays must be between June 15 and December 15)
4 year olds-  Tuesday and Thursday
Pre-K class- $285.00 per month
Monday through Thursday  This class is for students 4 1/2 to 5 years old. Slots are limited to 16 children.

Lunch Time

The Yellow room is having a fun time at Lunch!


What is Christmas really about?

Today at chapel, Mrs. Amanda shared with the children that Christmas is really about Baby Jesus being born. It was so important that God sent an Angel to some shepards to tell them the Good News! The shepards were so excited they ran to the stable where Baby Jesus was sleeping in a manger. They saw the baby and worshiped him!

Merry Christmas!




Today at Chapel Mrs. Heather and Mrs. Sarah taught about Jesus' ascension. What a tough topic for preschoolers (and sometime adults) to understand. By attaching a picture of Jesus to a balloon and letting them go outside, they were able to demonstrate how Jesus went up to heaven "back to his home, to be with his father". Now that is a lesson we can all understand.