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1/20/13 - Love Paradox 3: Things Change When You Show Up

1/27/13 - Love Paradox 4: In Your Goind, Stay the Course



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Gathered Together

The journey towards God’s truth begins with an understanding of our identity as a congregation.  Who Living Faith is, isn’t random, accidental or incidental.  It turns out, God is intensely interested in us. 

Beginning this fall, Living Faith will engage in the process of discovering our identity as a congregation – a program year theme titled Gathered TogetherWe believe God has gathered us together to be a very specific, very powerful entity in our community.  It’s our mission this program year to begin anew the journey towards God’s eternal truth by understanding the character, nature and essence of that entity.

You are invited to join us in this endeavor.  Come be a part of God’s defining us, shaping us – identifying us – as his community of people with his mission and vision to serve his people.  We aren’t certain of the results.  We don’t have preconceived notions of his intentions for us – it’s why we’re going through this process!  But we are certain that if we seek God’s intention for our identity it will be true, and it will be powerful. We're certain that he's always done profound things with his church. 

We also believe that, along the way, we will see how God is interested also in our identity as individuals.  Who we are, as individual people, is intensely important to him as well.  Come help us discover who God is calling us to be, and you might also discover who God is calling you to be.  Who you are isn’t random, accidental or incidental.  God is calling you to an identity, to a purpose.  We don’t have any preconceived notion of what that is and we can’t promise you specific results – but we know that if you join us in seeking God’s intention for your identity it will be true and powerful. 












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